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  • Battle Mouthguard Case Top Black
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Battle Mouthguard Case

Safe, secure, sanitized, this is a mouthguard case with real bite. Your mouthguard will always be clean and ready for action with the Battle Mouthguard Case. Built from ultra-durable hard-shell plastic; this convenient case was made to keep your sports mouthguards and mouthpieces in—and the elements out. So come game-time, all you’ll see when you open this case is a fresh mouthguard that’s ready to do battle. Durable, hard-shell plastic mouthguard case ensures your mouthguard stays safe and clean between uses.

  • One size fits most Battle mouthguards (Binky mouthguard does not fit)
  • Durable, hard-shell plastic mouthguard case
  • Secure flip-top closure
  • Air holes to eliminate moisture inside case
  • Athletic bag attachment system

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